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What is Travel Blogging?

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A few years ago, we started to dive into the world of travel blogging and we're so glad we did! We get much of the travel experiences shared on our blog comped (free)! The resorts, hotels, and destinations host us in exchange for coverage on our blog and social media channels.

With a travel blog, not only do you receive free travel, but you can make money online with your blog as well! While there are many ways to do this, affiliate marketing is one of our favorite ways to earn passive income on our blog.

Want to learn how to be a travel vlogger or blogger? Watch our free webinar for blogging for beginners here: https://pitchfortravel.com

Learning how to make money blogging changed our lives forever. We have consistently made over $30,000 with our blog for years and now we make upwards of 10x's that amount.

You can too if you are willing to treat it like a business, create a money-making plan and then work that plan.

Our success in making money online blogging did not happen overnight. We learned a lot to get to this point. We know that if someone had shared these blogging tips with us when we first started that we could have been even more successful so much sooner!

This is exactly why we have been sharing how you can start a blog and make money for over 4 years now.

We love sharing the ULTIMATE blogging resources and we want to help you achieve success with your blogging dreams too!

We are bloggers that have been making money for over a decade from actually blogging and we are proud to say that we are still blogging today.

We love to blog and this is also how we are able to keep with the trends as we teach others to blog. In the past 4 years, we have helped close to 10,000 bloggers successfully start their blogs with our FREE 5-Day Start a Money-Making Blog course.


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PS. We always feel strange sharing these, but we think it is very important for you to see our actual income numbers so you know what we are sharing really works and has for over a decade of blogging!

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