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Chhota Sa Ghar Song -
Baalam Khota Song -
Jee Bhar Ke Song -

Script By - Aashish Bhardwaj
Direction - Rachit Rojha
Sreenplay - Rachit Rojha

Cafe - Caffe-Bella Italia

Cast :
Rachit Rojha
Rachna Rojha
Swati Rojha
Sibbu Giri
Sushma Aunty (Dadi)
Vinay Samuel
Mickey Mouse
And Team

Shoot By - Insta The Dog

The Rachit Rojha Productions.

Managed by-: Sociopool (Sociopool India Private Limited)
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This session enables children to set up their own blog and begin to write

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This is an excercise that we did during a lecture. One person had to be "blind" and the other had to be a leader, telling the blind person where to go.

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food and pepole blogs This video is not intended for children, so if you are a child then close this video. Shown here is the unpacking of sweets, candies, ASMR lollipops.
New! Colored Glitter kinder Joy Opening
ASMR-A lot of kinder Surprise egg toys l
NEW Satisfying_Video #Candy: 12 Ways To Eat Your Favorite Food Without The Mess

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Click on the link below to discover tools and special methods that can easily double your affiliate sales.

Hey today I'm going to be talking about what do people blog about and a few reasons why people blog.

What a person should be blogging about is topics that directly relate to the product or service you are selling.

Then you simply create content that educates and positions your product or service as the best solution.

Some ideas would be forums on your niche and the top questions being asked. Question and answer sites like involving your niche and what people are asking about. It could be books about your industry.

Things you have been asked by people about your niche. You can look at your competitors blog post to see what they are doing, and what their prospects are asking about.

What are people struggling with?

Also what are some internal systems in your niche that nobody is talking about? That could be valuable to other people.

One very important point about blogging is your blog is a marketing tool for your business and it is not your business.

If you think you can get tons of page views and advertisers are going to come to you and pay you lots of money your probably in for disappointment.

Even the NY times struggles with this way of making money. If your blog is a hobby then who cares what you do, but if you want to make money then you have to create content around your niche that educates peole and positions whatever it is your selling as the solution.

So why blog? Isn't it a waste of time?

What a blog does is create a highly leveraged way for you to build a relationship with someone. Instead of randomily talking to each person 1 at a time.

A blog is just one channel and you don't even need to own the blog with places like Medium, Linkedin articles, blogger and even Quora the question and answer site has a blog.

You create content, that could be a blog, a vlog which is a video blog or podcast and people get to know you and after you create the content it works for you.

Months or years from now it can do some work and create a prospect for you you, which you then build a relationship with.

Also you really should be blogging at least 1 a week.

Lastly, remember to reverse engineer your sale. Your product or service solves someone's problem.

The next step for you to do is click on that link below. You can view tips and special methods that can literally skyrocket your affiliate income.

I hope you got some value from this video on what do people blog about.

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Hi Friends Today I'm going to Enjoying Function in my local area. That's awesome people Reaction 💞

🙏🏻 Thank You All Deamoolie Tea Estate Diwali Function Organization Team's And Residential People's 💞


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God has been blessing tremendously and I know there is more to come. I want to take a special moment this Friday, August 25, 2017 to reply to some of the comments that I've been getting here on YouTube. Also talk about the experience so far. I am going to do this live around 9pm. Please join me and leave a comment or a question and we can talk live here on YouTube. If you don't have a YouTube account, you can leave a comment or message on my Facebook account (Wayne Jamel). It will be the first time I am trying something like this out, so I am curious to see how this goes.

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Please watch: "South Africa | The Real South Africa has done it again Travel and Tourism for all" --~--
Thanks for listening, this is part 2 of 3. We decided to share our conversation with Blog Talk Radio. The questions are questions we get from those in the United States specific to South Africa. Get an idea of the challenges we face when it comes to Africa. Feel free to leave comments as well. For those interested in coming to South Africa check out the information below. Lets get back to Africa! #forwardtoafrica #therealsouthafrica

Our travel website:


Text message 540-699-0932



Twitter: @RSouth_Africa
Stay tuned for all the updates on trips and news coming out of South Africa

@tourism_sa_gov @tourismtiger @southafricatourism @brandsa #africanamerican @brandsouthafrica #blackpeople #africa
@africandiasporanews @wodemaya @blacktravelmovement #meetsouthafrica

A boutique and dedicated travel company designed to show South Africa as it was intended in high regards. We boost that we do this in a luxurious manner featuring the Culture and Couture plus the Lifestyle that is South Africa. The most unique country in all of Africa

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Subhanallah/ Alhamdulillah 🤔 people and blogs #shorts #trending

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मजेदार वीडियो देखे एनर्जी ही एनर्जी और मिजाज हरियर हो जाई

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Nastya and Evelyn come up with words for every letter of the English alphabet.
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Welcome to the first episode of the Plastic People Podcast! Apologies for any audio issues, I'm still working out the best ways to balance and maintain a good audio level, so you may have to turn this episode up!

Jcc's Plastic People Podcast is a show where I discuss plastic people with... normal fleshy people, who also like toys! Today's guest is The Comic Figure Blog, my good' ol' boy who will be a regular guest and cohost on the show!

The P.O. box is OPEN! Send me fan mail! It'll all be opened on camera! (Note- Nothing will be sent back unless previously arranged, e.x. a review sample)-

P.O. Box 42041
Cincinnati, OH

Follow my social media for updates on the channel, and MEMES:



1- Where do you get your figures?
Everywhere. Literally everywhere. Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Antique Malls, Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Online Forums, Friends, etc. This video details the answer.

2- Can you review ___? Can you make a ____ video?
I do appreciate requests, suggestions, and video ideas, however, I get so many that it's impossible for me to keep track of them. It's okay to ask, but I may not be able to get around to it.

3- Can I have ___?
I do not and will not sell or give parts of my collection to those who simply ask for something in the comments of one of my videos.

4- Can you check out my channel?
Sure. I tend to check out people's channels if they're active on the channel, or seem like they may be interesting. However, I'm very picky on what I subscribe to, and I just don't watch every kind of video just because someone asked me to. Same goes for shout-outs, I cannot fairly shout-out somebody for no reason other than they asked, it would be unfair to anyone else who were to ask and I would be unable to do so. A shoutout from me will not gain you much viewership or subscribers.

Awesome profile picture made by Frosty Art on deviantart! Check him out and give him a watch!

Editing Software- VideoPad Professional v4.40

Outro Music-
Ratatat- Germany to Germany

Germany to Germany is used under the fair use time constraint of under 10 seconds of usage, and does not diminish the value of the original work.

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Tajik blogs help develop interactive People journalism

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I visited a festival for the first time, saw Boney M and the Jacksons, and got a lot of floral face paint.

Thank you Snazaroo for inviting me!



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Wednesday marks Israel's 75h anniversary, and NBC News' Josh Lederman reports on the divisions inside the country.

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